FaMa 2017


An invasion of space by re-cycling matter:
Cut the Crap with Conny sheds light on the fast fashion industry with a monument of fleece
June 2017 untill October 2017
Fashion Machine @ Mediamatic was a life-size artwork which was made together with an immense amount of volunteers.
The entire Mediamatic building had been turned into a large installation, which showed the fight against the destructive reality of the fashion industry. It was a monumental knitting of more than 2,000 kilos of discarded post-consumer fleece sweaters, which ultimately enveloped the entire Mediamatic building in the heart Amsterdam. The useless material thus
turns into a fashion monument with an activist look.

In collaboration with Stichting Mediamatic, Esther Meijer and the
Laboratory of Critical Technics at Arizona State University. Special thanks to:
Wieland Textiles, Team Mediamatic, all organization assistants and the many
volunteers who, with their enthusiasm and energy, set the machine in motion.


During Amsterdam Uitmarkt, Fashion Machine presented the best pieces of these cut and twisted sweaters and onesies in an unprecedented eclectic fashion performance; Artsy Onesie Tango Rave. Different models of amateurs, tango dancers and performers did showcase this collection to the public.

Choreography: Martin Butler. In collaboration with: Esther Meijer (Nieuw Jurk).
Performances of rap collective SoulTrash and skate punk formation Total

Photography: Jan Willem Kaldenbach, Chiara Barraco @ Mediamatic

    FaMa 2017
    FaMa 2017
    FaMa 2017