Exhibition (2012/ 2013) curated by choreographer Karin Post for the Lakenhal Museum in Leiden.

Video credits:

In the park at the pond

NL | 2013

This film installation was commissioned by the Dutch National Ballet and the Lakenhal Museum in Leiden for the Parelen/ Pearls (2012) exhibition curated by choreographer Karin Post. It was inspired by the scenario that playwright Rob de Graaf created for the audio tour. Each of the installation's four tableaux represent the protagonist at different points in her journey. The narrative is cyclic, with the protagonist always returning to the sea before being reborn the next day, to start her journey anew.


concept and choreography: Peter Leung | film direction and editing: Altin Kaftira | dance: Erica Horwood, Jared Wright, Matthew Pawlicki, Remy Catalan, Edo Wijnen | director of photography: Daniel Gallenkamp

light: Glenn Bruintjes visagie | make-up: Merle Holterman | set dresser: Anne Heijligers | dress: Conny Groenewegen | production: Rosan Boersma voor SelfmadeFilms en Gerrit Jan Smeenk for Het Nationale Ballet

With thanks to: Het Nationale Ballet, De Lakenhal.