Femke de Vries


Collaboration with Femke de Vries for Dictionary Dressings.

Dictionary Dressings by Femke de Vries

“An ongoing research project that uses the nature of the dictionary definition as ‘zero condition’ for a piece of clothing to decode clothes and explore an alternative fashion vocabularity.”


NL: gebreid kledingstuk voor het bovenlichaam

ENG: knitted piece of clothing for the upper body (jumper)

EN : ‘voor’, the Dutch word for ‘in front of’ also means ‘belonging to’ or ‘used in connection with’.

kle•ding.stuk• / kleding / kleren, the Dutch words for clothes/clothing, are de-fined as: objects, particularly of textile, worn/carried on the body.

Exhibition and book launch

Onomatopee Eindhoven, Dutch Design Week 2016

Photography: Anna Dasovic


Designed by: Hans Gremmen and Corine van der Wal

Photography: Sanne van den Elzen

    Femke de Vries
    Femke de Vries
    Femke de Vries
    Femke de Vries