ELECTRIC CO 2018-19 campaign

I chose the photographer Anouk van Kalmthout because her photographs evoke a mysterious world. Her picturesque, colourful, abstract landscapes appeal to the capacity for association. The female body often plays a central role in the surreal environments of her images. The knitted structures of my ELECTRIC CO designs correspond with the organic lines of these landscapes. The dynamic play of light and shadow and the use of disorienting perspective give the materials a life of their own. The intense yet retrained movements of model Iheomy and the way in which make-up artist Yokaw creates pronounced painterly accents on the body convey a refreshing richness in the images. The images, filled with fantasy, can take you anywhere in the world, and back again.

photography: Anouk van Kalmthout . model: Iheomy Nahr . make-up & hair: Yokaw . set assistant|video: Juliette Lizotte . production: Charlotte Corstanje . creative direction: Conny Groenewegen