My working method

an introduction

After completing a study in fashion and visual art, I started making drawings. Fascinated by the clear line I drew wall-sized drawings of landscapes with gossamer pencil lines in a format where you could step into. In the next phase the paper came off the wall and became spatial. Through recesses for heads you then literally became part of the drawing. The conversion from 2D to 3D, from line to thread and vice versa is a continuous theme in all my work.

My area of expertise is knitting. I mostly create material using rows of interlocking loops from one continuous thread. All loops are essential; if one breaks, it creates a hole. I consider this as symbolic of interpersonal relationships: you cannot impose or force anything without causing damage. Similarly, I enter into collaborations in which I challenge and am likewise challenged. The Fashion Machine project has arisen from this philosophy and from my confrontation with fashion’s volatility and high turn-around speed.

In addition, my work is an invitation to look in a different way to recognizable archetypal forms with the aim to redefine them. For this I develop unexpected materials and learn how to master a technique. I do this via prototypes which lead me on to the desired form. The results are snapshots and temporary proposals, because new insights emerge that lead to a next prototype. Additionally, together with the people I work with, we adjust the set of rules whenever we feel invited to in order to enter a new, interesting playfield.

Studio Address:

Zeeburgerdijk 25G

1093 SK